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  • Success Secrets: 3 Go-to Tips to Handle a Setback

    Sometimes no matter how well you plan or think things through, the outcome isn’t what you hoped it would be. Whether it’s not getting the new promotion at work, not getting that big client, failing to resolve a conflict with your partner, slow progress toward an important goal, or even a personal loss, it can be challenging to deal with. Super successful people don’t experience ...

    Posted at January 29, 2016 | By : | Categories : Goal Setting | 0 Comment
  • Are You Happy Yet? 5 Steps to Launch Your Life in 2016

    Having the life you want doesn’t happen by accident. But, where do you start when you want to improve your life? Let’s face it, daily life for most people is very busy, and it’s common to get caught up in all of that and getting “stuff”. Sure, you might want and need material things, but those alone don’t make you happy. Photo contribution by ...

    Posted at December 29, 2015 | By : | Categories : Blog,Goal Setting | 0 Comment
  • How to Stay Inspired Throughout the Year

    How to Stay Inspired Throughout the Year The Power of Words on Your Success Do you ever notice that words you repeat tend to stick in your mind? They tend to be a go-to place even if you recognize it or not. Sometimes it’s just a funny saying or an inside joke between you and a friend. My husband and I have several funny “go-to phrases”. Other times, ...

    Posted at April 2, 2015 | By : | Categories : Blog,Goal Setting,Personal Growth & Improvement | 0 Comment
  • The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Goals

    You set goals because you want something to look forward to and to give you a sense of achievement, amongst other reasons. I’m sure you started out this year with at least one goal in mind, whether you wrote it down or not. Most popular life goals include improving health and fitness or finances (or both!). Think about what your goal is. If you didn’t set any, think ...

    Posted at March 2, 2015 | By : | Categories : Blog,Goal Setting | 0 Comment
  • 5 Ways to Have More Balance in Your Life

    When you feel like you need more life balance, it's simply a sign that you're missing something from your life, or need you more of something that you find fulfilling. It's not some elusive, mysterious "thing" that exists out there in the atmosphere that you will one day obtain. Life balance is something you feel based on a variety of factors; and while you might feel ...

    Posted at January 12, 2015 | By : | Categories : Life Balance | 0 Comment